In this article, we will explain how to swap your wAUDAX to USDT, on PancakeSwap. For any wAUDAX pair on the platform, the steps are the same. We will be explaining specifically how to swap your wAUDAX to USDT.

We will be using the Metamask wallet in this example. …

We are happy to announce the release of the updated Audax Wallet v1.0.1.

The new version features the following:

Hierarchically Deterministic (HD) addressing: This feature provides a better method of generating key pairs in a way that is deterministic — deriving all the addresses from a single master seed, allowing…

AUDAX is a 3-month-old, Masternode and Proof-of-Stake digital currency dedicated to bringing fast, secure digital payment to e-commerce and funds remittance.

  • In the relatively short time of the project’s existence, it has passed many milestones that many, much older cryptocurrency projects still try to attain.
  • Here are some of the…


Enabling mass adoption of cryptocurrency in commerce

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