AUDAX Launches Country Ambassador Program!

As the Audax Project embarks on a new global marketing campaign, we would like to formally introduce the Audax Ambassador Program. We are setting this up to:

1. create a grassroots-driven initiative to promote the Audax objectives of a fast, efficient, secure means of e-commerce payments and fund remittance

2. connect local blockchain communities that are interested in fostering the stated Audax objectives in an organized manner in order that they can get support from the core project team as well as from one another, as they develop and implement programs to promote AUDAX.

AUDAX Ambassadors will play a vital role in supporting and promoting the brand and the project’s objectives by:

1. Organizing regular local meet-ups. These meet-ups can be in the form of formal educational sessions and presentations to less formal social events — the goal is always to communicate the AUDAX vision, focusing on the AUDAX WHAT-WHY-HOW points.

2. Creating an awareness, with the help of the core project team, to the AUDAX global community of the progress they are making in promoting the AUDAX brand in their communities

3. Identify opportunities/problems in their local communities that can be solved by an existing or customized AUDAX solution

4. Help moderate the International channels on the AUDAX Discord server, as well as help translate marketing materials (if necessary) to your language


  1. You get your own AUDAX Ambassador badge and stand out as a major contributor to the AUDAX Vision!
  2. You get to be a an AUDAX leader in your local community and have fun doing so!
  3. Your local Audax events get to be show-cased in the global Audax communities
  4. Your event may potentially receive funding support from the core project team
  5. Opportunities to purchase subsidized AUDAX merchandise

Who are we looking for
If you are good at communicating with people or have ideas on how you can promote Audax in your local community, we want you!

If you are interested in becoming an Audax Ambassador, stop by at our Discord Server, and send @cryptotron a DM!

The Audax Project:

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