Audax Wallet version 1.0.1 Released

We are happy to announce the release of the updated Audax Wallet v1.0.1.

The new version features the following:

Hierarchically Deterministic (HD) addressing: This feature provides a better method of generating key pairs in a way that is deterministic — deriving all the addresses from a single master seed, allowing you to much more easily and securely back up and restore a wallet.

Mnemonic seed words: Working along with HD addressing, users can now create their own master seed using a a randomly generated set of 24 seed words. Keep the seed secure and you can use this to recover your wallet any time in the future

Increased default datacarriersize (maximum size allowed for data) to provide support for future data and onchain-messaging-related project initiatives

While we recommend users upgrade to this new wallet, please note that the HD addressing and seed words features are currently designed for use with NEW wallets ONLY. You can upgrade to this new version and not use the HD feature, but if you wish to use the new HD features, you will need to first create a new wallet, and then send your AUDAX to the new wallet. If you are running masternodes, you will need to re-create them using HD-generated addresses.

You can find out more about this wallet update from the release notes available along with the update itself at the official Audax Github repo:, as well as from the Audax Discord server at

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