AUDAX — Why You Should Get on Board Now

  • In the relatively short time of the project’s existence, it has passed many milestones that many, much older cryptocurrency projects still try to attain.
  • Here are some of the things we are proud of after only 3 months in existence:
  • A solid, fully-working blockchain running on a stable, secure and reliable network
  • Our own trusted and efficient masternode sharing and monitoring platforms, developed and managed 100% by the same dedicated team behind the coin
  • A secure Electrum thin client wallet with Trezor integration
  • A Secure multi-currency web wallet
  • Listed on 3 Exchanges — STEX, Crex24 and CryptoHub Exchange
  • Regular community “rain”-based fund distributions
  • An active user community
  • A relatively higher ROI than many projects

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Enabling mass adoption of cryptocurrency in commerce

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