How to add wAUDAX to Metamask and Trust Wallet

2 min readMar 8, 2021


Many of us in the AUDAX community are likely familiar with the token world, and how to use wallets such as Metamask orTrust wallet. For those who may not be familiar with these, here are some tips and links to help you add wAUDAX to any of these two wallets.

(For the steps to swap your AUDAX to wAUDAX in the first place, please follow this link).

Adding wAUDAX to Metamask

To use Metamask with wAUDAX, you will need to switch to the Binance Smart Chain network. Here’s a link with information to guide you through that process:

Once you connect to the Binance Smart Chain, you can add wAUDAX to your wallet:

1. Make sure you are on the Asset tab
2. Scroll to the bottom and click ‘Add Token’
3. Click Custom Token
4. Copy the wAUDAX contract address below and paste it into the Token Contract Address field


You can confirm this contract address on the Binance Smart Chain explorer at:

5. The other fields should auto-populate with the right values
7. Click Next, and then click Add Tokens

You should now see wAUDAX in your assets list. Now you can use your Metamask address to store, send and receive your wAUDAX once you swap from AUDAX

Adding wAUDAX to Trust Wallet

Just like Metamask, the steps to add wAUDAX to your Trust wallet are straight-forward:

1. Click the settings icon at the top right-hand corner
2. Scroll down to the end of the listed assets, and click Add Custom Token
3. Click Network, and select Smart Chain from the list of available networks
4. Copy and paste the wAUDAX contract address below, into the Contract Address field
5. Enter ‘Wrapped Audax’ in the Name field
6. Enter wAUDAX in the Symbol field
7. Enter 18 in the Decimals field
8. Click Save

You should now see wAUDAX among your listed assets, and you store, send and receive wAUDAX with your Trust wallet address




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