Introducing: AUDAX — E-Commerce-Focused Digital Currency

AUDAX is the open-source digital currency that forms the core of Project Audax, a dedicated contribution towards encouraging and enabling the mass adoption of cryptocurrency in e-commerce.

AUDAX brings fast, secure digital payment to the e-commerce industry, without negative disruption to how merchants receive their funds or how buyers access, acquire or spend cryptocurrency. Thus, the primary focus of AUDAX is not necessarily a tech-oriented one as appears to be prevalent in the Cryptocurrency space in recent times: the primary focus is to contribute towards the facilitation of a healthy, symbiotic relationship between the ever-growing e-commerce industry and the rapidly progressive blockchain-based digital payment space. At the core of the AUDAX Vision is a determination to pursue global adoption of cryptocurrency in commerce — bringing faster transactions & lower merchant fees.

Besides having AUDAX as its primary tool in contributing towards mass adoption of cryptocurrency in e-commerce, the Audax Project will be building e-commerce platforms that will serve as marketplaces for buyers and sellers. The marketplaces will provide platforms to buy and sell products and services where cryptocurrency will be preferred — purchases paid for with AUDAX will be discounted.


AUDAX features a solid, incentivized and collaterized Masternode network that plays a vital role in supporting the stability and security of the AUDAX blockchain, among other roles. Using blockchain-based social consensus, Masternode owners can vote on the disbursal of funds blockchain-based social consensus, ways that are beneficial to the AUDAX network and eco-system.

AUDAX’s distributed consensus is achieved through a stable, eco-friendly 100% Proof-of-Stake (PoS) version 3.0 mechanism. Node owners receive staking rewards for supporting the network.

Consensus Protocol: 100% Proof of Stake 3.0
Block time: 60 seconds
Difficulty Re-targeting: Every block
Block time: Maturity: 50 blocks
Minimum Staking Age: 3 hours
Max supply: 200 million
Block reward: 20 AUDAX
Masternode reward: 8 AUDAX per block
PoS reward: 8 AUDAX per block
Governance: 4 coins per block
Masternode Collateral: 150,000 coins


AUDAX is currently offering Masternode and Staking packages in an on-going Presale. For more information on the details of the presale, please stop by at the AUDAX Discord server

For more details on the Audax Project and the digital currency AUDAX, stop by at

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Enabling mass adoption of cryptocurrency in commerce

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