In this article, we will explain how to swap your wAUDAX to USDT, on PancakeSwap. For any wAUDAX pair on the platform, the steps are the same. We will be explaining specifically how to swap your wAUDAX to USDT.

We will be using the Metamask wallet in this example. You need to ensure you have some BNB in your wallet for fees.

1. Go to https://pancakeswap.finance

2. From the navigation area to the left, click Trade, then select Exchange from the dropdown:

3. A page as shown below will appear. The ‘From’ field may display BNB, as shown below. Click the dropdown arrow to enter wAUDAX.

4. To enter wAUDAX, you will need to enter the contract address, which is 0x6def012027b261c0bb320e74cece31bbabcb197c. Once you paste the contract address into the field, PancakeSwap should automatically pick up wAUDAX. BE SURE you click on ‘(Add)’ — this will ensure that PancakeSwap will remember wAUDAX, and you won’t need to enter the contract address again. Then click on wAudax.

5. In the second dropdown, select USDT. Then enter the amount of wAUDAX you want to swap. The amount of USDT you will get will be filled in automatically, as shown below:

6. Click ‘Approve wAUDAX’. This should open up your Metamask wallet, prompting you to confirm the approval transaction. Click Confirm.

7. Then click ‘Swap’:

8. Click ‘Confirm Swap’:

9. Click confirm in your Metamask wallet.

10. Your USDT should be in your wallet.

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