wAUDAX — Now Available on the Binance Smart Chain

The Audax project has released a new BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain called wAUDAX — or “Wrapped AUDAX”.

The idea behind this phase of the project is to enable holders of AUDAX put their AUDAX to even better use by providing the opportunity of participating, particularly, in Decentralized Finance or DeFi.

Holders of wAUDAX will be able to earn, for example, by providing liquidity to decentralized exchanges where they receive a percentage of trading fees. This is just one example benefit — there are many more! AUDAX and wAUDAX will be swappable at a fixed ratio of 1:1 — you will be able to swap AUDAX for wAUDAX and also do the reverse whenever you want: swapping on-demand.

Note that swapping is completely OPTIONAL: you have a choice whether to ‘lock’ your AUDAX and get the same amount in wAUDAX, or not.

So how do I swap my AUDAX to wAUDAX?

1. Go to the swap system at https://wrapping.services/get/audax/.
NOTE: Please bookmark this page. Ensure you are on the right site!

Wrapping.Services are our trusted partners who provide the bridge between AUDAX and wAUDAX.

2. Enter the amount of AUDAX you wish to swap to wAUDAX.
Note: You cannot swap less than $5 worth of AUDAX.

3. Enter your wAUDAX address (from your Metamask, Trust wallet etc.).
You will need the wAUDAX contract address to add the token to your Metamask wallet. The contract address is shown below:


You can confirm this contract address on the Binance Smart Chain explorer at:

If you need help with setting up your Metamask or Trust wallet to use wAUDAX, follow this link.

4. Optionally click ‘Advanced Options’ and enter your email address

5. Click ‘Swap’

6. A dialog is displayed containing an AUDAX address to which you will need to send your AUDAX to. You will need to do this within 1 hour, otherwise the swap will be cancelled.

7. Send the exact amount of AUDAX you want to swap to the address displayed. Once sent, you should receive your wAUDAX within 2–3 minutes.

Once complete, a confirmation message will be displayed. If you entered an email address, you will receive a confirmation email.

You should now see your wAUDAX balance in your wallet.

Follow this link for steps to swap wAUDAX back to AUDAX.



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