AUDAX Launches — Masternode Sharing Platform!

We are happy to announce that the Audax Project has successfully achieved another milestone on its road-map — we have launched, a masternode sharing platform! is a secure, easy-to-use platform designed from the ground up to provide masternode sharing services that are reliable, efficient and above all, profitable to users.

Targeted primarily at holders of AUDAX, is a fully automated masternode sharing solution that allows you to own a part of a masternode with only a small percentage of the required collateral. In the case of AUDAX, holders only need 3000 coins in order to purchase a share of an AUDAX masternode, whose full collateral is 150,000 coins.

In due course, the platform will offer the same quality masternode sharing service to other coins, with the same features.

The platform features:

  1. simple 3-step setup process
  2. easy-to-use, feature-rich dashboard
  3. 24/7 support
  4. masternode monitoring of your specific Masternode, even if you only own a share of it
  5. free deposits
  6. free, scheduled withdrawals
  7. highly competitive 2% masternode reward fee charges nothing for fund deposits or withdrawals. There is only 1 fee, and this is a highly competitive 2% masternode reward payment fee.

However, to celebrate the launch of the platform, is absolutely free until August 31st, 2019! That means no fees on deposits, withdrawals or masternode reward payments!

Looking for the next generation masternode sharing solution? Sign up for an account at now, and begin your ownership of a masternode!
The Audax Project:

Enabling mass adoption of cryptocurrency in commerce

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